Trials of Life

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Trials of Life Trials of Life by Junying Kirk
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have been reading this book for quite a while. You can infer from this that it’s not a quick read. Part of the reason for that is the story’s structure. It is not plot-driven. It is more like a documentary. There is a fly-on-the-wall realism about it, giving us slices of the characters’ lives. As the title suggests, these lives do not run smoothly. There are upsets and problems.

Conflict is necessary in a novel. It is exciting to see characters bumping up against obstacles and each other. It shows us what they are made of. And it is exhilarating to see them winning through.

But because of the documentary style of this novel, I found the conflicts somewhat unsettling. In life conflicts can be messy. There often are no real solutions to a problem. People go…

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