Bosco Blogs: Dwight Yoakam & Hardcore Honky Tonk


Dwight Yoakam: A Thousand Miles From Nowhere by Don McLeese
~post by Bosco

Up in Northeast Texas, outside of Dallas, is a little town you never heard of called Commerce. I was raised there, a small college town with nothing much to it but reasons to leave. Just east of Commerce is Sulphur Springs. Our family’s ancestral trailer rests there. East Texas is filled with the beauty and baggage of the rest of the South, yet it is rarely acknowledged as authentically Southern. When people say Texas isn’t the South, they are saying cousins ain’t kinfolk.

Connecting Commerce and Sulphur Springs is a two lane road. Often we rode Highway 11 to my grandparent’s, the radio tuned to WBAP, which was the first station to play Country west of the Mississippi. My folks loved the “Outlaw Country” sound. We owned records by Willie, Waylon, Jerry Jeff and them folks. Asleep…

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