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Rebecca DouglassGreetings, Ape-fans! I’m so pleased that Chris has invited me (well, allowed me with lots of bananas for bribes) to stop in and introduce myself. Some of you may have thought you saw me sneaking around the corner in the library, but actually that was just one of my creations. I’m the author of The Ninja Librarian, and his second book, Return to Skunk Corners, but alas, I lack the coordination necessary to be a Ninja librarian myself.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAMy name is Rebecca Douglass, and as noted, I’ve penned a pair of preposterous tall tales about Skunks Corners and the Ninja Librarian. I got the ideas for many of the stories while working at my local library (and the title character is modeled after our own beloved librarian, now retired). I love libraries, and am generally as happy as a clam at high tide when surrounded by piles of…

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Writing a non- fiction study How do we feed the world's starving. Published The end of Humanity and have four books to publish.
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  1. Rebecca Douglass says:

    Thanks for reblogging here!

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