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Reviewed by Marissa Tapia for Readers’ Favorite

The Genealogist’s Guests by Ann Simpson follows a woman named Liz who begins to hear voices in her home. After having dinner with her neighbors, Liz finds out that there are ghosts, her ancestors, in her home and there’s a curse that’s been plaguing her family for centuries that has led to rape, murder and incest. With the help of her neighbors and relatives (both living and dead), Liz must end the curse and stop her restless ancestors, while revealing a few secrets of her own, and protect her nieces and future generations.

The Genealogist’s Guests pretty much jumps into the action right away. There’s no excruciating background information to page through – the hauntings start pretty much right away. Not once did I feel bored while reading the book. As secrets unfold from both the living and the dead, the more…

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