How Best To Avoid Dying by Owen Egerton
Reviewed by Andrew Hilbert

Owen Egerton is one of the best writers operating today and, holy cow, he’s an Austinite. One of the creators of the Sinus Show and Master Pancake Theater, Owen is known to be a funnyman to most locals. He’s also a fine writer.

Each story in this collection is a gem. They are funny, often absurd with dark turns, and as a whole collection, extremely satisfying. Throughout each of Egerton’s books, I’ve noticed a strong Vonnegut feel, but after reading How Best to Avoid Dying he’s also quite in line with George Saunders. But don’t let those comparisons fool you, Egerton is a unique voice all his own.

Egerton takes the reader through Waffles Houses, spelling bees, vacation Bible camps, and sex cults with horrifying and hilarious results. How Best to Avoid Dying, although originally released 7…

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