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Alliteration is defined as the repetition of an initial consonant sound. This has been used to great effect in slogans such as –

“You’ll never put a better bit of butter on your knife.” (Advertising slogan for Country Life butter).

Or how about a mixed alliteration form:

“Good men are gruff and grumpy,
Crawling, crabbed and cross. (Clement Freud)

“Fly o’er waste fens and winding fields (Tennyson)

One of my favourite alliteration is the letter ‘S’, which is used to great effect in the following.

“The sibilant sermons of the snake as she discoursed upon the disposition of my sinner’s soul seemed ceaseless.” (Gregory Kirschling. ‘The Gargoyle,’ 2008).

Like a rhyme, alliteration can make a poem easier to remember. It has a long and distinguished history. Middle English poetry was written in a verse form, which featured the repetition of consonants within a line, e.g.

“In a somer season, when…

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