The Tibuens: Lexie’s Journey, Book 1 by Callie C. Colbert

Author’s book description provided on Amazon-
*He grinned, his black lips snarling upwards, knowing he was present on all planets at all times…

Dr. Alicia Brennan’s world has turned upside down.
Between a stillbirth, the divorce from her cheating husband, and relocating to a smaller town, she has reached her emotional limit.

Enter the Tibuens, an alien race that appears human.
Are they here to help the people of Earth, or are their heavy- handed motives more sinister?
Where can she find comfort?

Alicia is torn between her ex-husband, Rick, and her new love, Tibuen Scott.
As Earth is thrown into chaos by the Tibuens’ drastic changes, Alicia’s stillborn daughter, Lexie, returns from the dead to help her mother navigate the treacherous waters ahead.

When the grey areas between good and evil collide, who determines what is right and wrong?

How can God allow these changes to happen?

Trails of pink and white teacup roses lead the way in this Christian paranormal thriller.

Callie C. Colbert

Callie C. Colbert was born and raised in Kansas. As a young child, she developed an obsessive love for writing. That obsession has continued throughout her life.

Callie’s poetry appears in the book, “Dawn of Silence,” and she has also written articles for newspapers and Yahoo, as well as other writing projects.

She continues to sell the rights to some of her lyrics and poetry. Small samples of Callie’s work are available on her website,

She is currently writing “Threads of Reality: Lexie’s Journey, Book II,” which will be available at Amazon in the fall.

When the author isn’t working in home health or writing, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Some of her hobbies include reading, cooking, crafting, and going for long rides in the country. Her favorite types of movies are horror, anything in the paranormal genre, and psychological thrillers. She also likes to watch anything in the Christian and spiritual realm.

Callie lives by the philosophy, “God first, family and friends second, and writing third. Everything else will fall into place.”

For Callie’s inspirational blogs go to :

callie evening


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