Character building in The Green Woman

Jane Dougherty Writes

Of all the characters in The Green Woman, the one who gave me the most trouble was Deborah. In her first incarnation she was repulsively heroic. So virtuous in fact that I rewrote her entirely and made her an arrogant, opinionated brat. Somewhere in the rewrites, she emerged as she is now, a bruised, sensitive girl with a great sense of right and wrong, almost as great as the chip on her shoulder. Despite her survival instinct, she constantly provokes the people she is supposed to obey unquestioningly. Partly because she enjoys picking a fight, but the fights she chooses are worth fighting.

What follows is an excerpt from the opening chapters of The Dark Citadel showing Deborah in action.


Deborah’s green eyes flashed at the girls who sniggered behind their hands at the sight of her penitence veil. How she hated them! Sitting there like a flock of chickens…

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