D.R. Meredith

Retrospective_smallPeople called her That Hunter Woman and they didn’t mean it kindly, but Mattie Hunter suspected if she had her life given back to her to correct, she would make the same choices. She was a hard woman, she knew that, but she had faced hard choices and hard circumstances. She built her property into the largest ranch in the Texas Panhandle, and it takes a hard woman to do that. But now was the time to reflect, to relive old memories, both the sweet and the hurtful, and there were both. Her live was drawing slowly to a close, and Jesse’s would end before sunset. It was time to talk about all the memories they had shared, a retrospective of their lives.


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The Greatest Distance Is Only a Thought Away (Or, A Morning on the Beach)


I have always loved the sea.  From the first time I experienced an ocean beach, I felt drawn to it, its vastness, the steady rhythm of the waves, the sounds and smells and textures.  Growing up in Rochester, New York, hundreds of miles from the Atlantic coast, I didn’t have the chance to visit the sea very often (though Lake Ontario is a pretty fair facsimile!).  And so, whenever my family would take a trip to the coast, I always looked forward to it, counted down the days.  The trips never disappointed.


But there was one trip, one particular experience, that stands out, apart from the rest.

It was midsummer 1994, and my family and I took a two-week expedition to Prince Edward Island, Canada–to this day, the most beautiful place I have ever seen.  We toured the Island, took in the sights, the rich red dirt roads and farms…

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Georgia Author of The Year Awards

Caroline Clemens

50th Annual Georgia Author of The Year

One hundred and eighteen authors from Georgia were honored back in June at the 50th Annual Georgia Author of The Year Awards. Spouses, children and parents came together for this celebration at the Kennesaw State University Continuing Education Center lending their support for the authors. The event is sponsored by The Georgia Writers Association and The Kennesaw State University College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

This made it real for me. My novel ‘Bleu Moon’ was nominated and frankly I was excited to be there. I know all the hard work that I contributed to making this the best product ever. The whole event was professional and enjoyable; I met some lovely folks. I am grateful that I didn’t miss it. When you sit at your desk, counter or wherever by yourself for hours, then turns into days and months you begin to wonder will others enjoy your creative end?…

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Final day – Sword of Destiny 0.99 for Kindle

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

While I wander the moors on which Sword of Destiny is set this weekend, the book celebrates its first year; a Kindle offer will be running for three days from 12th to 14th September. Sword of Destiny will be available for download for 0.99 during the whole of the promotion.

Available on Amazon UK and Amazon US

11 Rombalds moor (34)“…Will you forge the straight track for us, old friend?” Merlin asked the giant. Ogmios’ eyes gleamed in the starlight.

“Come, it is long since we walked such a path together. Stay close and have your children gather their courage.” The giant walked to the centre of the plateau, caressing the earth and chanting softly. Merlin gathered the Champions and himself took up the rear, rekindling the golden orb which danced above his head. Slowly the ground melted away beneath the giant’s hands, leaving a depression in the ground. Ogmios smiled at the…

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New Book Details and Title?

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A sneak peek of the prologue from my first novel, ‘The Light Station’

J.M. Weselby @ Magpie Creative Writing Services

OK, so I’m working on a novel, called The Light Station. It’s set in the twenty-third and twenty-eighth centuries, and follows one Caesar Minnox, a lonely forty-something with a drinking problem and a house full of relics. In a nutshell, this is a story about sex, death and time travel – amongst other things.

We all know the importance of a strong start, so I’ve decided to share my prologue with you. I’d be delighted to hear what you think – whether it’s good, bad, or downright ugly.


Caesar Minnox is a lost soul. Unable to find his place in a deteriorating twenty-third century society, he decides to embark on a life-changing journey and travels forward in time 600 years to the colony of Neo-London. At this point in the future, time-travel has become little more than a package holiday. It has been commercialised; tamed and domesticated. People visit to…

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Character building in The Green Woman

Jane Dougherty Writes

Of all the characters in The Green Woman, the one who gave me the most trouble was Deborah. In her first incarnation she was repulsively heroic. So virtuous in fact that I rewrote her entirely and made her an arrogant, opinionated brat. Somewhere in the rewrites, she emerged as she is now, a bruised, sensitive girl with a great sense of right and wrong, almost as great as the chip on her shoulder. Despite her survival instinct, she constantly provokes the people she is supposed to obey unquestioningly. Partly because she enjoys picking a fight, but the fights she chooses are worth fighting.

What follows is an excerpt from the opening chapters of The Dark Citadel showing Deborah in action.


Deborah’s green eyes flashed at the girls who sniggered behind their hands at the sight of her penitence veil. How she hated them! Sitting there like a flock of chickens…

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Pre-Order my New Novel Blood of the Tainted

Official Site of Alex Laybourne - Author

My new novel, Blood of the Tainted is up now on Amazon and Smashwords for pre-order.

The official release day is October 1st, 2014, but why wait. Beat the rush and grab a copy of this hardcore vampire adventure today. The price is just $2.99 and I feel that it is my best work to date.

 Blood of the Tainted ebook coverSix gruesome murders in two days, a farm house burned to the floor, and panic on the streets. For Sheriff Ian Raskin, this is just the start of a nightmare ride that will take him to the edge of his own abilities where a monster lies in wait.

With his once quiet town being terrorized by an unseen force, Ian finds help in the strangest of places. Simon Pertwhistle, a pathologist from the city, arrives in town proclaiming the murders to be the work of a lone vampire searching for its queen.

Sceptic until…

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When Should a Series End?

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Aidan’s Redemption is available

Niki Savage's

Aidan’s Redemption, the second book in the Blackstone Trilogy, is available at  AmazonSmashwords  and Barnes & Noble.

Smashwords will distribute to  Itunes, Sony, Diesel, Kobo, and Blio. This will probably take around two weeks, but could take as long as a month. Please be patient, but if you don’t want to wait, Smashwords has the correct format for all modern electronic readersAidan's Redemption .  I will be updating the links as they become available.

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